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what is the best type of flooring to install on a slab? - quora

there really is no such thing as a “best” type of flooring. depending on the kind of material, some vinyl can be very easy to cut or tear. typically, to apply that to a slab, you would first install a waterproof membrane or 【Get Price】

floor - wikipedia

a floor is the bottom surface of a room or vehicle. floors vary from simple dirt in a cave to many-layered surfaces modern technology. floors may be stone, wood, bamboo, metal or any other material that can some types of flooring must not be installed below grade 【Get Price】

4 best basement flooring options 2019 ideas & what pitfalls to avoid

jun 7, 2018 the best flooring options & ideas for your basement in 2019. if you choose one of these types of floating floors, look for materials that are their way down to the basement include rain or ground water, washers & dryers that 【Get Price】

the best ideas for upstairs floors ehow

some upstairs rooms benefit from a layered blend of flooring materials. (image: the first and critical flooring choice for bathrooms, especially on an upper floor, 【Get Price】

top 10 best and worst flooring options for your bathroom

dec 30, 2011 here we have rated some of the most common types of residential flooring, starting with the worst and building up to the best for bathrooms and 【Get Price】

6 flooring options worth a second look apartment therapy

may 11, 2015 concrete floors, whether just polished (as seen up top, in a scandinavian interior spotted on dustjacket attic) or finished with a sealant that 【Get Price】

how to choose flooring for your rental property avail

apr 2, 2019 the cost of flooring depends on three factors: the cost of material, the cost of floors that are not durable are not a good option for rental 【Get Price】

best floors for high traffic areas

learn more about the best flooring options if you need to replace the floors in your high here are the top types of flooring for high traffic areas in your home.【Get Price】

how to choose & install hardwood floors: a complete guide

feb 9, 2018 discover how to choose and install hardwood floors that will upgrade your “if you're changing a color, it's best to start with a natural material that if you're unsure, hire an installer who can get the job done right the first time 【Get Price】

what is the best floor for a kitchen? the flooring girl

may 27, 2017 which types of floors are most durable? best floors for kitchens - what are the best tyes of flooring for kitchens these would not be my first choices, but if you are very budget constrained, they will save you some money in 【Get Price】

10 best soundproof flooring materials & products • soundproofing

first step is another acoustic underlayment from roberts consolidated. this product is a foam material, which 【Get Price】

top flooring choices for second story rooms - floor coverings

get the best flooring options for your second story rooms. contact the team at cork flooring material the woodlands. cork flooring is super sound-proof! go eco with cork flooring. cork floors are another great choice for second story rooms.【Get Price】

the most durable commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas

durability is a key consideration when choosing a flooring materials. learn about the six best commercial-rated flooring materials for high-traffic areas.【Get Price】

5 tips for choosing flooring for an open plan house — designed

mar 11, 2012 these spaces are just chopped up with the various floor materials. continuous flooring is good for open plan houses like this one. #2.【Get Price】

the best type of flooring choice for a shifting foundation hunker

these changes cause the concrete floor to heave, resulting in an uneven and changing surface. the best floor types for shifting foundations are those with some 【Get Price】

cheap flooring ideas: 10 best low-cost alternatives to hardwood

these cheap flooring ideas are great alternatives and give hardwood flooring a this material is a versatile flooring option because it can be used in modern 【Get Price】

the right type of flooring for every room - consumer reports

jun 29, 2017 guide will help you choose the best types of flooring options for your kitchen, first, it's an affordable way to cover an expansive space.【Get Price】

top 15 flooring materials: costs, pros & cons 2019

jan 24, 2019 let's first examine the options and the decisions you should consider when choosing the type of material for your flooring. flooring materials 【Get Price】

what type of flooring is best for a rental

learn the pros and cons to help you make the best choice. when choosing a flooring material, you want to select something that is attractive to tenants, but will 【Get Price】

best flooring for rental property (updated for 2018) rentprep

aug 21, 2018 when trying to decide on the best flooring for rental property there are three try and find a carpet that uses a durable material such as nylon. . she is unable to place vinyl flooring on the second floor units due to the noise 【Get Price】

best soundproof floors and how to make your floors more

sometimes a floor is good at reducing both, but this isn't always the case. sometimes you get a floor or material that is good at one but not both. here are 【Get Price】

what type of flooring should i get? diy

here's an at-a-glance quick guide to the many types of flooring from diy network. vinyl flooring is impervious to water and its resilient construction feels good 【Get Price】

best flooring options for an office - construction review online

may 14, 2019 construction review online looks at the the best flooring options for an place in this area and is therefore likely to be the first to wear out. some flooring types have higher levels of volatile organic compounds than others.【Get Price】

flooring do's and don'ts how to choose flooring houselogic

so many flooring choices, so little time to research which looks good, feels good, do: consider comfortable flooring materials, especially in rooms where you 【Get Price】

recommendations for second floor flooring (hall and bedrooms)

mar 5, 2017 my first floor is all hardwood, the basement is high end laminate, and my what's the best choice for a master, three other bedrooms, and a hallway? at the stove, with these resilient and beautiful materials for kitchen floors.【Get Price】

flooring & area rugs, home flooring ideas - floors at the home

complete your flooring project with help from our online measuring tools and the has the flooring types, styles and finishes you're looking for to tile remains a good, clean-looking, water-resistant option for many rooms, 【Get Price】

pros and cons of 5 popular bedroom flooring materials - the spruce

jul 3, 2019 common choices for bedroom flooring include hardwood, carpeting, it is the first thing your bare feet step onto in the morning and the last there are many criteria you can use to choose the best bedroom flooring material.【Get Price】