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of all exterior trim options, finger jointed material is most readily accepted by builders. it is welcomed as a less- expensive alternative to solid wood even in the 【Get Price】

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bamboo is not only environmentally friendly, but also a real wood alternative to porcelain tile is a perennially popular flooring material and comes in a variety 【Get Price】

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many studies have been recently undertaken to find alternative materials to avoid the production of paper using traditional wood. in particular, some materials 【Get Price】

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balsa wood is a strong and durable material, but it is becoming a little short in supply. that is leaving various manufacturers looking for alternatives to this wood 【Get Price】

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to 4 times faster than similar hardwoods in colder climates—keeping its price low make multiple passes, removing no more than 1⁄ 8 " of material at a time.【Get Price】

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bamboo is often considered a wood, but this grass is really a wood alternative. it has been called the world's most useful plant (though hemp advocates might 【Get Price】

(pdf) bamboo: an alternative material for wood and wood

pdf bamboo is the most important non-wood species which is abundantly grows in most of the tropical and subtropical zone. it has developed as a specially 【Get Price】

this is nano wood—an ecofriendly alternative to styrofoam insulation

mar 15, 2018 a lightweight, strong material derived from wood works better than the heat-insulating materials used today. the new insulator is easy and 【Get Price】

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thormark (2006) studied how material choice may affect embodied energy levels and as elm wood stocks became scarce, alternative woods and construction 【Get Price】

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nov 21, 2011 world around us shows a predominance of materials other than wood. a similar product to the one he uses is available from this website.【Get Price】

wood composite - the alternative, sustainable solution to timber

feb 22, 2017 wood has long been used as a construction material and revered for its similar composite products can also be made from vegetable fibers 【Get Price】

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perhaps most recognizable as decking materials, wood-plastic composites in for manufacturers, processing wood-plastic composites is remarkably similar to 【Get Price】

6 alternative materials that look like real wood - real living

jul 28, 2017 luckily, there are alternative materials to natural wood, but with the same look and texture of the real thing! here are six materials you can 【Get Price】

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wood-plastic composites (wpcs) are composite materials made of wood fiber/wood flour and . despite up to 70 percent cellulose content (although 50/50 is more common), the mechanical behavior of wpcs is most similar to neat s.【Get Price】

sustainable plastic wood alternatives made from recycled high

wood has been a standard building material for centuries. pvc has been widely used as an alternative to wood, however it is proven to be one of the most 【Get Price】

this synthetic wood is as strong as the real thing—and won't catch

aug 10, 2018 engineered wood is as light and strong as its natural counterpart. a synthetic version called resol, which has a similar weblike structure. this helps the materials resist compression, lending them high strength.【Get Price】

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jan 19, 2018 if solid wood isn't the best choice for making furniture, there are alternative options that include wood-based artificial materials, known as 【Get Price】

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wood substitutes for sheet materials are typically made from wood particles, glue similar to particleboard products but contain formulations of plastic and wood 【Get Price】

transparent wood: a clear alternative to glass? - nomaco

may 3, 2017 when the lignin was pulled out of the wood fibers, the material left behind was milky in appearance—predictably white, but not yet transparent.【Get Price】

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dec 22, 2008 to decrease the dependence on oil, however, any alternative material would need to be relatively abundant. lignin, he said, offers an ideal 【Get Price】

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people have used wood in the construction of homes, outbuildings and patios for california stormwater quality association: alternative building materials 【Get Price】

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doing exterior work on a house and need to pick a material? shouldn't use wood, as well as a look at some of the alternative materials you can use instead.【Get Price】

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jun 28, 2011 learn more about creative alternatives to wood, from hemp to nuts to straw. bamboo is often considered a wood, but this grass is really a wood alternative. as the name suggests, composite materials combine wood with 【Get Price】

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jan 13, 2015 wwf encourages companies in the us to source or create more products made with the alternative materials. and we help them assess how to 【Get Price】

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1–1. few building materials possess the environmental benefits of wood. it is not only our most for these other materials (assuming similar durability allows.【Get Price】